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Inspired by the stories of the French artist Pascal-Désir Maisonneuve, whose original artwork was considered ‘Outsider Art', we set out to create a spot where local artists of all mediums could display and sell their unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. His passion was collecting strange objects and works of art from any time period. Rebellious of mind, his works displayed his anarchistic and defiant feelings in a humorous and caring way. He exhibited his unique collections throughout in his second-hand shop in Bordeaux, France for all to enjoy.

Listed below are some of the Artists currently showcased on our walls at Pascal's

Stop by or click below to check out the works of 

Crystal Dombrosky

David Kibby

Sayali Paralikar Deshpande

Heather Renee Bennet

Frances Babb

Chris Scholl